The Elements

When it comes to magic, there are too many types to count. In the world of Visker, (vis-keer’), the magic users, Wizards, Elves, Nimbrels, and some rather brave humans, have developed three large classifications of magic. These are Elemental, Natural, and Supernatural.

Elemental Magic was once thought to be simply the use of Earth, Water, Air, and Fire, and was overlooked for thousands of years by most inhabitants of Visker. It was mainly the Dragon’s area of expertise, and they are temperamental recluses.

It wasn’t until the first Queen of the Elves was gifted with the Dragon’s innate ability to generate magic that Elemental magic was seen in a different light. After saving the Elven nation and having children, the Elf/Dragon bloodline spread from Visker to Earth.

On Earth, thousands of years ago, the Half-Elven from Visker gave birth to a new race of beings. These people looked entirely human but possessed the ability to bend elements to their Will. As time went on, it was discovered that they not only had the ability to bend Natural Elements such as Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, but also Elements that make up a person, the Body, Mind, Heart, and Spirit. Indeed, it was further discovered that all these elements were linked to Universal Elements like Matter, Energy, Space, and Time.

Thanks to Nathan Smith, the immortal who has acted as a bridge between Earth and Visker for thousands of years, the magic of this new race was developed into a rigid discipline. He found that every element could be learned, starting with the mastery of the Body, and building all the way up to the ability to bend Time to the will. He determined that the key to this magic was mastering one’s Will.

Hence, the term Will Master, or Master of the Will became a term used to describe the humans with the natural ability to bend one or more of the elements to their Will. Around 100 years before the writing of The Hunt for the Golden Watch, the word Agenyre was developed. It is an old English combination of the words Adegen and Eyre which literally mean “Master” and “Will”, respectively.

Each Agenyre, or Will Master, is born with the innate ability to manipulate or bend one or more element within the three categories (Personal, Natural, and Universal). For example, one may be born with the ability to sway people by bending the emotional or spiritual atmosphere around them. Another may be able to move water with their mind, or may be incredibly intelligent and able to speak telepathically.

Agenyre possess specific abilities individually, but when they are together in close proximity, their abilities can be enhanced and channeled in a variety of different ways. These unique combinations make Agenyre magic unpredictable and unstable as its complexity makes it very difficult to control with precision.



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