Portals to an Old World

Portals are fascinating. In the upcoming series, Journeys of the Agenyre, portals are used extensively, to travel, learn, and fight.

Illustration by Ivy Giddens. Used with permission. May not be reproduced without consent from the artist.

Aarron, a young man with the ability to open portals at will, finds himself inadvertently opening a portal from Earth to another world, and landing in the middle of a war that has raged for centuries. Though, this war is far from typical. In fact, unless you pay attention, you’d swear there is no war. It’s a war without fighting, a war from another world.

This world is called Visker. (Pronounced Vis-keer.) It has a long history, is full of magic and fantastic creatures and races, and exists in a dimension reality similar to our own.

The degree to which Visker and Earth are connected is part of the mystery that Aarron and his counterpart seek to solve in the first installment of the series, The Hunt for the Golden Watch. The answer may seem fairly obvious at first, but as with most everything else in the story, you’ll have to look a little deeper to understand the significance and gravity.

The most unassuming things, like kids, pocketknives, wristwatches, can hold terrifying secrets and be powerful agents of magic and mayhem. Which ones are which? Stay tuned to find out…


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