Don’t let their age and small-town roots fool you. Aarron Hutches and Anna-Lisa Ammerson are a force to be reckoned with. They’re Agenyre, or will masters, able to bend all the elements to their will. Or they will be, at least. First, there’s the chickens to feed and math homework to finish. Join them on their first journey, where they get pulled into a new world and discover secrets and curses that threaten all magic users on Earth. There’s a powerful artifact, split into four pieces, scattered across Earth, waiting to be found. Whoever finds the first piece only has three months to find the rest before the curse claims their life. Seems simple enough. It would be a shame if the person needed a certain set of abilities to reach the rest of the pieces. It would be even more of a shame if the combination of those abilities had never existed before, and the only people with those abilities were two twelve-year-olds stuck in a social studies exam thousands of miles away in town with one stop sign. With the help of some magic of their own, a banished wizard, a gecko, and other Agenyre, Aarron and Anna might actually get all the watches together before they or someone else dies. Only time will tell if gathering them together is actually for the greater good of earthen magic users, though. There’s more to everything than meets the eye, and not every friend can be trusted. Don’t let the charm and light spirit fool you. It’s easier to hide in the shadows cast by the light than hide a light in the dark.


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